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Abstract Metal Tree Wall Art Is Fabulous Decor Indoors or Outdoor

Pictured above is a serene tropical themed piece of metal wall art called Castaway Again by Jon Allen

It displays gorgeous ocean view with palm trees. Each handmade piece is signed by American artist Jon Allen and includes a certificate of authenticity.

This is more than metal wall art – it’s a unique piece of original artwork with a stunning glass-like finish. You will be amazed at the quality of this piece and may notice Jon’s abstract influences like Chihuly and his love for clean lines and design that may evoke images of Frank Lloyd Wright’s modern, balanced architecture.

This large five panel piece of metal wall art measures 64 in x 24 in x 2 in (162.56 cm x 60.96 cm x 5.08 cm).
The dimensions include 1 inch spacing between the panels – a helpful measuring tool guide is included.

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Your art arrives ready to hang with pre-installed brackets for simple installation. The aluminum artwork is lighter than other metal artwork you may have handled before so hanging it is easy.

This style comes in other sizes of metallic wall hangings which can be seen when clicking the orange Amazon button below.

We hope many enjoy this original artwork decor by Jon Allen!

How To Hang Your Artwork

Please keep in mind the metal artwork that’s being hung in the video might be different than the one you are hanging. We hope this will be of help when putting up your decor.

Meet Jon Allen

Some History of Metal Art

When looking through different pieces of metal wall art, I came across some interesting information. It said that any art work that’s crafted from the ‘ores of the earth,’ including bronze, gold, tin, lead, silver and iron is defined as metal art.

It’s not unusual to see metal decor created from aluminum. Some is created for decoration while other pieces are functional and useful. In the Early Bronze Age, cups and bowls were hammered from metal which made them both decorative and functional. Over the years this art has become more decorative.

It’s nice to know that certain metals handle the test of time quite well and maintain their original brilliance for thousands of years. As metal work has become more design-centric and decorative in nature, metal artists began to create statues, bracelets, necklaces and other forms of gold and bronze décor discovered from various ancient civilizations.

Metal yard art is another fantastic way to enjoy the outdoors. You can hang it from your favorite tree or mount it along side your fence. An outdoor wooden bench might be something you would like to add to your patio. This give a nice place to sit while absorbing the fresh air and calm.   

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