Weber Q140 Portable Electric Grill

Portable Weber Electric Grill Q-140 Easily Travels Anywhere

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Weber Q140 Portable Grill Info

Some comments about this electric grill mention the good quality and how easy it is to clean being you can remove the lower liner to wash. How easy it is to clean can be a main factor when buying a portable grill. It’s also a space saver which is very important when camping and for people who live in condos or smaller homes. This might be a dream to cook on for one who lives in a tiny house.

Travelers, campers & city grillers finally have a Weber grill to call their own. It’s the right size for an indoor – outdoor electric grill. It also proves you don’t need gas or charcoal to deliver true barbecue flavor. 

The Weber Q 140 Electric Grill features all the quality you’ve come to expect from Weber grills, with no fuel required. Just plug it in to a standard outlet, and get to grilling!

Pictures Of The Grill

Weber Electric Grill Split View
Weber Grill Cooking Elements
Weber Grill Power Knob

Grill Features

• 1560-watt electric heating element to heat
• 189 square-inch total cooking area
• Porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates and cast aluminum lid and body
• Infinite control burner valve settings
• 6-foot grounded cord
• Dimensions – Lid Closed (inches) – 14.5 H x 27 W x 16.5 D

This grill is said to retain heat evenly and create beautiful sear marks on your food. There are heat retention liners in the cover and bottom that help maintain a consistent cooking temperature.

The electronic control allows for infinite heat settings for anything from delicate fish to searing steak. Underneath the Weber electric grill, a removable drip pan is easily replaceable. Included is a 6-foot grounded cord to provide a safe connection to outdoor power.

A nice place to store your grill in-between uses could be on a baker’s rack.

Some Raving Reviews

When researching the Weber Q140 portable grill, we came across several reviews we would like to share. One reviewer said they have a charcoal Weber grill but wanted something more convenient that didn’t include charcoal or propane. They bought this Weber grill and said it works as advertised, but there is a difference in how it grills. I found that pretty interesting and am thankful they went on to tell the difference in cooking with this grill.

This is what the reviewer said:
Grilling with the top down takes some getting used to. It does sear steaks when you let it heat up around 20-30 minutes. When cooking other things with steaks, you have to adjust how it’s done on other grill types. I think where this works very well is with slow cooking meats not needing HIGH heat. The grill itself is SOLID and Quality. I got the Weber stand with this and it’s a perfect combo. Not difficult to assemble either. With this grill, I’m grilling more often than normal.

Another person who bought this grill talks about their experience and how easy it is to setup:
A+++. Love this. No charcoal, no gas, just plug it in and start cooking. Only minimal assembly required. The other night my wife pre-seasoned four steaks. I put a hunk of hickory wood directly in one corner of the grill. I dropped the steaks on the grill and they were the best we’ve ever eaten.

The only assembly required is lining up the top with the bottom and inserting two cotter pins. In addition the handle must be screwed in place. I followed somebody’s else’s review and screwed in the handle first. Made life a little bit easier.

Another gentleman said to get this one. Forget the cheaper competition. This grill is worth the price. He owned many electric grills over the years because he lives in a condo. This is by far the best electric grill he’s purchased. It’s more expensive but the value per dollar ratio makes this a clear winner. 

He goes on to give some PROS:
The quality of build blows away the competition – he had previously owned two MECO grills. The ease of assembly is great since there virtually is none. The review above goes over assembly.

It gets plenty hot and the sear factor is terrific. Now he goes on to say – WOW it’s super easy to clean! Cleaning grills was not his favorite. The engineering is just poetically nice. It’s even easy on the eyes, there is something aesthetically about it that is pleasing.

CONS: The price. It nearly kept him away and he could find no deals. The value is what to pay attention to and he has no regrets.