Columbia Men’s Bugaboo Interchange Jacket

Columbia Men’s Bugaboo Interchange Jacket 3 In 1

Winter is always exciting in the beginning. Then it can get very cold and stay cold for a long time. When you live in the Dakotas a winter jacket is one of your most important purchases. We came across this Columbia 3 in 1 jacket and noticed the really good reviews. The people who bought this jacket describe it as very comfortable and warm.  It has many pockets which can be a bonus for people who ski, snowboard, or play hard at outdoor or winter sports. 

Another time to think of this coat is for those who like to camp with a truck tent in cooler weather.

It’s an interchange men’s winter jacket meaning there are three jackets in one. Some may say it’s a 3 in 1 coat. There is a warm micro fleece liner; a waterproof-breathable and critically seam sealed shell, and a combination of both when the inside liner is zipped inside. Columbia’s classic Bugaboo comes in a variety of colors and will keep you warm, dry and protected in cold winter weather.

Columbia Bugaboo Product Details

  • Omni-Tech makes it waterproof and breathable
  • Lining 80g Microtemp
  • Critically Seam Sealed
  • Zip-In Interchange 3 in 1 System
  • Columbia’s Bugaboo Jacket can be worn zipped together or as a standalone shell or lining.

Men's Waterproof Winter Jacket Pictures

Columbia Men's Bugaboo Autumn Orange front
Men's Winter Jacket Autumn Orange back view
Columbia men's blue fall jacket
Men's Columbia Blue Forest Winter Coat Men's
Columbia Men's Jacket Back View
Columbia men's 3 in 1 jacket inside pockets
Columbia Men's Sea Salt Winter Coat
Columbia men's jacket sea salt back view
Men's Columbia Bugaboo inside jacket sea salt

Some Customer Testimonials

When I see what the customers are saying about the men’s bugaboo jacket, I’m very impressed! This Columbia coat has very good reviews. 

One person who bought this coat said how it kept him warm and dry during much movement outside. They went sledding and  he said he felt like he was sweating a lot but he wasn’t uncomfortable because it felt like the jacket was actually pulling the sweat away from his body.

His wife went on to say it looked great on him too. He’s almost always a size Large and the Large fits him perfectly, so it’s true to size. Great buy!

This person who purchased said it was the warmest jacket. This winter has been horrible and it has helped me through it making it worth every penny!

Another customer review:  I bought a Colombia jacket in high school, about 15 years ago, and still have it, though it needs a couple snaps replaced. That is a looong time to have for a primary use coat. My husband has been having trouble finding good gear for riding his bike to work, since he commute even in the winter. He tried a couple coats that just didn’t breath, and so it was time for a Columbia. Plus this way it’s like he has 3 separate coats for whatever weather. The shell is extremely nice material, breaths. I do note some improvements in the Colombia coats (or more just upgrades). The collar where the two coats zip together now has a soft panel to keep the zippers away from your neck. The toggles to tighten the waist don’t hang anymore, they run along with the bottom edge, so they won’t catch on pants, etc. A size large fit my husband very well, he’s about 6ft, wears 36 pants, large shirts. The length of the coat lands on him just like the photo, and the sleeves are just right. Overall,just a great jacket to have.

I saw this jacket while shopping at a local outdoors store. It has multiple layers which can be worn depending on weather. I bought the Sea-Salt Large and it’s a very comfy jacket. I am 6’1″ and 195 lbs (34″ waist for those asking about fit) and this fits just perfect (not to loose or not to tight). The only thing I would change is the color. I bought the Sea Salt color but it seems to show dirt better than the other colors (especially black). Other than my Sea Salt color complaint, I would recommend this jacket to anyone.