Princess Castle Bounce House

Princess Castle Inflatable Bounce House With Blower

The KidWise brand offers several different styles of inflatable bouncy houses. This pink Princess Party Bouncer will be the dream of your daughter and her friends! The inside bounce area is large enough for 4 excited kids that can’t wait to play all day in their new play bounce house. It’s recommended for 4 children at a time with a 400 lb. limit.

Parents, you will have a great time watching as your kids bounce, play, and jump the hours away! It’s a great way for kids to exercise and have a blast with brothers, sisters, and friends all at the same time. Most will use this outdoors for play time but if you have room in your house, it could be the ultimate Princess dream castle. Bounce and play during the day, then pack your bags for a fairy tale night in the most extravagant castle around. Put your sleeping bags inside with your flashlights beside and pretend you’re staying in another land.

Just think what a wonderful birthday gift this would make. The party would be one to talk about for years to come. :0)

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  • This play house has a 96″ x 117″ inside bounce area
  • 11.8′ x 12′ x 8.6’H overall dimensions!
  • Recommended for 4 kids at a time of up to 100 lbs each (400 lbs maximum)
  • 420 D oxford nylon and PVC tarpaulin construction
  • Includes over sized storage bag, stakes, patch kit, 4L blower with GFCI breaker and instructions
  • Pink and purple Princess Party Castle
  • Open Top

Question On Residential or Commercial Grade Bounce House

Question: Is this commercial grade
Answer: This is a residential grade bounce house and is only warranted for residential use.
Answered by Kidwise Outdoors on April 12, 2017
Although this item is grate quality, it is designed for Residential Backyard Use and is not approved for Commercial use.
Answered by Kidwise Outdoors on April 12, 2017

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Inflatable Bounce House Safety Guide for Parents

Follow all the recommended guidelines for safe installation including anchoring. The bounce house should be situated away from any fences, greenhouses, branches, etc., which would be dangerous should a child fall onto them. Also:

  • Consider limiting use to children 6 years of age and older.
  • Kids should take off footwear, eyeglasses, and jewelry before getting on the set.
  • Take any sharp objects (pens, keys) out of their pockets/hands before playing (they could easily cause puncture injuries).
  • Do not let children of significantly different sizes onto the bounce house at the same time. Smaller kids are at risk of injury from colliding with or falling under an older child.
  • Do not allow adults and/or children who are larger than the height/weight that the bounce house is designed for.
  • Food, drink, bottles, glasses etc. should not be taken onto the bounce house.
  • Supervision should be maintained all the time. If supervision cannot be maintained, the bounce house should be deflated and moved away. Supervision means watching constantly and not just being in the area!

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